Comment utiliser ce siteweb – How to use this website

Open any Internet browser – Safari, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Zorin, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any one of the dozens in use. Enter the address for the AFA web site.

The locked padlock icon indicates a secure site. The browser already knows it must use https:// at the start of this URL (world wide web ‘ w.w.w.’ address)

The full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for our site is
http stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. The ‘s’ denotes a secure site.
HTTP or HTTPS is a set of global protocols for sending and receiving internet data.

L’Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP, littéralement « protocole de transfert hypertexte ») est un protocole de communication client-serveur développé pour le World Wide Web. HTTPS (avec S pour secured, soit « sécurisé ») est la variante sécurisée.

Press Return or Enter and the ‘Front Page’ appears on the screen

The Blue Bar under the top image is the Menu Bar and divides the site into pages of similar content – like different chapters of a book.

AFA News Front Page – Significant Information as well as a side panel, à guache, containing the aims of the Association.

Calendrier – The normal grid layout for a monthly calendar. Events will be highlighted and the mouse can hover or click for more information.

AFA ‘Posts’ – ‘Post’ in this context is a page with ephemeral (not long-term) information. AFA is using emails to populate the specific post entries for our activities.

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