Walking Football / Foot en marchant

Littéralement « foot en marchant », les règles du walking foot sont simples

  1. Obligation de marcher avec ou sans ballon,
  2. Absence de contact avec l’adversaire,
  3. Le ballon ne peut pas dépasser la hauteur des hanches,
  4. Jeu à 5 contre 5.
  5. Et ça marche !

1. 6 players each per side. 5 outfield players and a goalkeeper.

2. Each game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes per half.

3. No running or jogging, with or without the ball.

4. Low impact tackling only. No sliding tackles.

5. No off sides.

6. The ball must not be kicked or defected by any outfield player, or throw (by the goalkeeper) above head height. Free kicks are awarded to the opposing team if ball travels above head height.

7. Rebounds off walls for indoor matches. Corners and ‘kick ins’ for outdoor matches, awarded to the team not touching the ball before it last crossed the barrier.

8. All free kicks are indirect (i.e Players cannot shoot direct at the goal. They must pass instead).

9. Goals can be scored from any outfield position. Goals cannot be scored direct from kick offs, kick ins, drop balls, goalkeeper’s kick, save or throw.

10. 3 roll on, roll off substitues permitted per game. Substitutions can be made when there is a break in play, the ball is dead or the goalkeeper has possession of the ball.

11. Referee operates red, yellow and blue card procedures. Blue card indicates a 2 minute Sin Bin for player.

12. Players sent off can take no further part in match. A substitute may be used to replace player sent off after 5 minutes or first conceded goal, whichever occurs first.

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