6 Nov 2017, 5:48pm

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ITAG Meetings


I have been told that the blogs which I previously wrote were not read much and that a direct email announcing the next meeting would be better.

So in future I will email those people who have shown interest in the group directly before each meeting to advise when and where it will be held.  But as a rule it is on the third Tuesday afternoon of each month except December, July and August, at 1430 hrs in the Maison des Associations in Royan.  If there is a special meet or if any change to this schedule I will also publish on this blog also.

I hope that our members will continue to support this service.


Tim Cherry  ( racherry@hotmail.com ).

Advice and Info

This Category will be used to remind members of past discussion or to publish information or warnings about immediate threats or occurrences.  The recent course which we did at the end of the Spring Term is available for anyone who would like a copy of the whole course (or copy of one or more sections), and if so please email me (Tim) or Rick and we will get it to you ASAP.

  • The Infotech Awareness Group

    The ITAG's purpose is to provide and share information and 'know-how' about computers, the Internet, and methods of communication which our members may need to work with. Nowadays, access to computers and to the Internet is essential. With more and more agencies offering customer interaction on line, and perhaps insisting on it (re HMR&C UK) everyone needs access as a standard utility.

    We, the expatriate community, used to communicate by writing letters or, exceptionally, by telephone, but now written communication is via email or by instant messaging, and spoken communication via internet telephone.

    So we senior citizens (I am one !!) must learn how to use internet technology to contact our friends and to do business with the World. So we meet, once each month at present, now on the third Tuesday - afternoon - to discuss themes of interest or concern and to exchange information which is useful to our daily lives, especially here in France.