Meeting – 2

Hi Everyone,
I understand that the last meeting went well, John showed underwater photos and explained some of the complexities of taking such amazing shots.
Jean-Pierre stepped in and displayed facinating photos from his astronomical studdies and also showed some digital enhancement of photos. I really wish I had been there to see it!
Philippe answered questions on various photographic techniques and gave advice.

This comming week it has been decided that Philippe will show how best to do portrait and posed photos, Lots of oportunity for a camera club group shot which we dont as yet have!!!
I propose showing off the little I know about digital enhancement of photos showing not just what can be done but more importantly how to do it. I am sure there are those far more experienced than I am who will step in to expand on the subject!!

I think the informal programme with plenty of questions and off the cuff demonstrations or advice works well. As I have said before, it is important to bring your cameras and laptops if you have them in order that you can play with them as we go along and really get the feel of what can be done or in some cases what not to do!!

For the following week I have in mind that members may like to look at close up or Macro photography, this is certainly an area that interests me and I need to find out more about it. Most cameras have a macro facility. There is an amazing world of photos in any mundane object or site using this technique. Those with experience using it please come!!

A thought for the week, if you are taking pics try getting down on the ground, OK it gets harder but we can do it!!! The view from the ground level gives a great depth of field to the shots and a very different result.
kind regards

Meeting – April 19 2011

We had a fine first full meeting with Philippe showing us the basic structure of a camera then moving on to some techniques which he will enlarge upon next time.
It is so usefull comparing cameras and ideas and practising with the various settings.
We will use a projector/screen next time to better show what is being discussed.

As before it is important that we all bring our cameras and I think it would be good if we could find a way of showing a few of each persons photos on the screen from time to time. These should not be a great list of holiday snaps but photos that one is pleased with perhaps because of the technique used or the situation, poor light, night time without a flash, under water, long exposure or that they are well composed which is an area we must work on. Clearly there are those amongst us who will be way ahead and can give inspiration.

If you have a few, even one photo that you would like put on the screen for debate or lots of exclamations send it to me , or to John.
Unfortunatly England calls and I cant make the next meeting but will forward them and see you the following meeting.

I am concerned that we may loose a few people who perhaps feel that some of it is over their head or that they only have a standard pocket digital. Firstly it is staggering what some of these little even tiny digitals can do and the range of programmes hidden away on their menues.
Amazing photos can be taken with the right techniques and composition.
We will in due course be working on menues to fully understand them and be able to profit from them.

I think we should try and rotate English / French leaders possibly even half way through a meeting, some of the technical terms can be a struggle and one looses the thread and gets tired.

If there are those amongst us who have particular areas of expertise or experience that they would be happy to talk about or if there are others not actually members who could be brought in please let me or John know so that we can sort a programme. For example Richard said that he would be pleased to suggest how to plan a photograph.

For those of us less experienced I believe the best advice is have the camera with you at all possible times and keep using it, it amazingly costs nothing these days. Dump the photos on to the computer or TV and critisize them to see if you can do better. Pocket cameras are ideal for this.

My apologies for not transating this but if anyone cares to translate the bones…

Thanks to Philippe for speaking, Alain for translating and coffee and biscuits and Monica for sorting the venue,

Kind regards