The President in AFA-land!

Janyvonne has been visiting – she is visiting all the different activities while she is President. And she has not forgotten her camera – so here are some shots of members associating !

Do you speak Franglais?

Do you speak Franglais?

Le sourire et l'autorité de notre chef de choeur

Le sourire et l’autorité de notre chef de choeur

Here the Lecteurs and talking rather than reading....

Ils sont sympas, ces intellos!!!

Richard and David leading the Degustation

In vino veritas…A votre santé! Cheers!!

Roger getting ready to take on all comers at Boules

Tu tires ou tu pointes?

Audrey keeping a close eye on the stitching

De fil en aiguille…

Some of the Scrabblers thinking hard - not so easy in two languages!

Le poids des mots…

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